the big bang theory meme: [9/10] episodes → the euclid alternative

the big bang theory meme: [8/10] episodes → the adhesive duck deficiency

Okay, due to some more complications I will be looking for someone else to join my blog, and help me make Big Bang Theory gifs. If you would like to join my blog then please send me an ask saying that you would like to and link me to some of your own gifs that you have made and I will chose someone to add :) Thank you.

iwhispertoshadows wondered:
Love your blog!


Anonymous wondered:
I Love your blog! You make fantastic work :)

Thank you :)

Anonymous wondered:
what season/epi is your sidebar gif?

The Einstein Approximation Season 3 episode 14

Anonymous wondered:
so, did you find someone to gif in here? now that you can't...

Yes!!! Carol will be joining to help me be more up to date!